Connor / 20 / California

'Every straight guy has his price'

Alright, for quite some time i’ve been frustrated with this specific topic, so I finally decided to rant about it. For alot of people I don’t think this will apply, but for those in the LGBT Community, it probably will. Especially if you’re a gay male. 

I’ve become so frustrated with gay porn and it’s obsession with “straight” men. I see it all the time. Different porn sites raving about how their models are “straight” but will have sex with men for money. Am I the only one that think that’s annoying and just stupid? I mean, I know it’s been going on for a while, and i’m well aware that the gay community idolizes straight men as is, but still. 

I just can’t bring myself to believe that people actually believe that shit. Porn is a business, and I think most people fail to realize that. And like all businesses, their aim is to make a profit. Obviously they’re just trying to make money by selling that fake image of having “straight” men have sex with guys. It’s almost sad how people buy into it, sit on their Macbooks and think “Woah…you mean these guys are actually straight but they’ll fuck other guys??? Sign me up!” 

Like….really? Okay. I just think that if gay men didn’t have such an issue with femininity or even just accepting themselves (because even gay men carry different forms of internalized homophobia), then there wouldn’t be this huuge deal about “staight” men going gay for pay. 

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend told me to look up this “straight” couple that did gay porn. The guys were actually pretty attractive, but once I read their “About me” stories, I just laughed. It actually made me angry. Here’s a little snippet:

" We are real-life best friends and yes, we are both straight. We met a few years ago in Las Vegas while working for another porn company and it seemed that almost instantly, we became best friends. We’ve had our ups and downs along the way, (no pun intended!) but fast forward two years and we decided that if we worked hard enough and didn’t lose focus of what our fans wanted, we could start our own company and create a porn site better than anything else out there! "

Okay. Okay. Hold on. That’s clever. Convincing people that two “straight” men just happened to become best friends and do gay porn together. Oh, but don’t worry, they have girlfriends and stuff, so they’re straight. It’s just for the money. Before we lose sight of what i’m actually trying to say, let me just preface this and say, I understand that there are actual straight men who are in the gay porn industry and are actually straight. I understand that, and i’m not saying that those people don’t exist. What i’m trying to share is my frustration with every gay guys obsession with straight men.

Let me just say that I am proud to be gay. While everyone is different and everyone has different interests/preferences, I am still proud to be gay. I spent so much of my life trying to stay in line with what I knew was acceptable (Talking like a straight guy, saying “Dude” and “Man”, etc.) But now that i’ve come out and have come to terms with who I am, why would I want to go back? Why should I be chained to the idea and culture behind straight men and being straight, and straight men going gay for money, and broke straight boys sexually experimenting with other men, and so on. Sorry, but that’s not for me. I just don’t get it. What’s so good about being straight and why do we waste so much of our time chasing that fantasy when we should really be focusing on ourselves. What the fuck. 

Gay porn companies are making a huge profit out of it, and it just makes me laugh. Not only that, but even in the LGBT Community there’s homophobia going on. Whether some guy is too “gay” sounding, or whether some lesbian is way too “butch”, it just becomes an endless cycle. When it comes down to it, I think the real issue isn’t about all these porn companies playing off of this idea, it’s about us and our unwillingness to come to terms with our sexuality.